3 Best Embroidery Digitizing Software

In search of software to create designs according to your choice? Embroidery Digitizing Software has made this piece of work easy for everyone.

Embellishments enhance the entire look of an article. Everyone wants to customize a design as per their requirement. Embroidery Digitizing Software enables a person to convert a motif design in his mind into a perfect stitch.

Nowadays, complex designs can be created speedily and precisely. Patterns can be designed with a blend of different colors that a person likes. This has made color customization an easy task for people sitting at home.

Embroidery Digitizing applications are available online with free as well as paid software. This software enables a person to draft a complete design with a blend of different forms and colors. Stitching tools allows the design to be printed on any selected item with perfect finishing.

Feature of Embroidery Digitizing Software

Embroidery Digitizing Software provides its customers with various benefits. Certain characteristics of the software are enlisted below:

  • Conversion of shapes into a complete design
  • Self-Programming
  • Personalizing a pattern
  • Conversion of shapes into a complete design
  • A combination of vector designs and shapes results in a complete design. This feature is important in the selection of cloth for the design, as well as different stitch options for thread work.

1. Self-Programming

Customizing and editing a pattern with different colour options is made possible by Embroidery Digitizing Software. Accurate designs are obtained by a combination of vector and raster data. This reduces the chances of the slightest error during the designing process.

2. Personalizing a pattern

The addition of a line or removal of a shape can be performed easily using the software. A combination of different images with chosen text can be imprinted on a piece of cloth. Embroidery Digitizing Software provides lettering options, where an alphabet or a word can be inserted in combination with a design.

3. Configuration of Embroidery Designing Softwares

Each embroidery customizing instrument works in a different format as compared to the other. It depends on the company as well as the model of the device. A few embroidery machines with their format type are enlisted below:

  • XXX for Singer machine
  • PES/PES for Babylock and Brother machine
  • DST for Tajima
  • EXP for Bravo
  • VIP/VP3 for Viking as well as Husqvarna
  • JEF for Janome

Selection of an Embroidery Digitizing Software

The criteria for selecting an appropriate pattern designing tool vary from time to time, depending on a person’s persona choice. Each software varies based on the features it provides. A few days’ try-out will lead to a better knowledge of the software.

Analysis and exploration of a certain method by people reviews on social media platforms will lead to a better knowledge of the software.

Lastly, the most important thing is to ensure proper training about usage and features before purchasing the software. Buying a software specific to a particular embroidery label will make you spend an extra amount of money. Therefore, it is better not to buy distinct software for each type of machine.

Three Embroidery Digitizing Softwares

1. Hatch Software

It is the most widely used paid Embroidery Digitizing Software. It provides helpful guidelines that a beginner can easily understand.

It provides a free trial for 30 days, in which a person can easily learn embellishment design by guidelines provided by the software. Letter printing and text option are also available.

Hatch software’s main features are that it provides both manual and automated design making with customized colourization. Multiple ring structures can also be created with different colour schemes. Moreover, it enables users to design different appliqué and build logos according to their choice.

On the flip of a coin, the software is expensive to purchase and difficult to comprehend than other software. Therefore, proper learning during the trial session will enable individuals to benefit from the software fully.

2. Bernina Artlink

Bernina Artlink is a free Embroidery Digitizing Software that offers the hoops’ adjustment options and a reconfiguration of the work.

It is free software with which a person can reshape and resize any particular design. It is easy to use for beginners. It provides a vast range of colour options that can be used during the composition of a design.

The embroidery machine is directly connected to the software, where the motifs can be directly transferred to the cloth.

On the contrary to Hatch software, it does not provide any text or image insertion options. But the wide range of advantages it provides to the users makes it preferable for users.

A single software provides a combination of painting, cutwork, and crystal embellishment. The embroidery machine attached to Bernina also works as a cutting shaping tool for clothes.

3. True Sizer

Design complementary to thread colours can be devised easily by True Sizer. It is free software with limited features. To explore other advanced designing tools, a premium of $99 needs to be purchased.

In contrast to other software, it is available in different formats suitable for smartphones and desktops.

True Sizer provides more than 50 digitizing templates, but the colour scheme is limited. Numerous designs can be made at a single time. The format conversion feature is also available for Android phones, where a design can be converted into another format without the use of any image converter application.


1.What is the best free embroidery digitizing software?

True Sizer is the best embroidery digitizing software as it is easily comprehensible by beginners. It provides various features that can be used even in smartphones and desktops. True Sizer works as an image convertor also, thus converting into any required format.

2. What is the best digitizing software for embroidery

Bernina Artlink is the best software for designing different prints as it provides cutwork, crystal embellishment, and painting at the same time.


Coming towards the end, digitizing software has made our lives easy. A person can make different designs by using his/her creativity. Online free courses are also available to help a person learn and master the art of design, implementing it easily while sitting at home.

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