3 Best Free Embroidery Software – Review

Are you looking for the best embroidery digitizing software? Embroidery software allows consumers to edit and create designs. In addition to this, modern embroidery software enables users to add fonts and labels inside the designs. Apart from this, file conversion, redownloading, online designs, and repurchasing are some of the prominent attributes of embroidery designing software. This article deals with the 3 best free embroidery digitizing software along with their detailed features.

3 Best Free Embroidery Software

1. Embird

Embird embroidery designing software is a remarkable designing application available these days. The software is based on a modular design. Therefore, in order to access the complete features of the software, it is necessary to purchase the module. Each module is associated with a separate attribute. However, the basic program includes editing, resizing, printing, splitting, and conversion of various embroidery designs.

In addition to this, other premium programs include the integration of fonts and alphabets, cross stitch designs, and font conversion into embroidery. Hence, Embird has led to a reduction in individual efforts while designing, and most of the work can be performed by the software itself. Moreover, consumers can effortlessly manage a diverse range of designs by editing them or either creating new ones.

As mentioned earlier, different modules display different features like Pre-digitized alphabets, cross-stitching, and Sfumato stitches. Furthermore, Embird demo mode can be accessed free of cost. However, the features available in the free mode might be limited and are only suitable for simpler designs. Usually, a free trial is available for 2 months. Consumers can upgrade to the premium version by purchasing the modules in order to avail the additional features.


  • 2-month free trial
  • Versatile
  • Ease of use
  • Time-efficient


  • Long installation time

Embird embroidery designing software is a modern embroidery digitizing software available to the consumers. The software features different modules for various attributes and is associated with basic design editing to cross-stitching. Additionally, a 2-month free trial is also available for users in the demo mode, which allows access to basic embroidery designing features.

2. SophieSew

SophieSew is another extraordinary software for embroidery designing. The embroidery software is second to none in terms of performance and features. SophieSew allows users to edit simple designs, images, and objects or create new ones. Along with this, the software also has the potential to combine the images into larger objects to increase the versatility of the new creations.

Apart from this, other significant attributes include duplication, removal, resizing, and repositioning the designs or the creation of multiple combinations associated with embroidery designs. Moreover, the software is based on an object-oriented approach and focuses on a combination of smaller objects to create larger ones. Therefore, consumers can begin with simple designs and can then steadily move towards complex ones.

Additionally, SophieSew is a free designing tool and is easily accessible to consumers. The product is also easy to use and can be used by a diverse range of consumers of varying skill levels effortlessly. Likewise, the software is suitable for small scale business activities such as small home-based business and provides an amazing set of basic tools for embroidery designs.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • An incredible set of basic tools
  • Unlimited version
  • Free access
  • Intuitive


  • Suitable for small scale business
  • Occasional bugs

SophieSew embroidery designing software is an incredible software available across the market. The software is most suitable for professional use especially small home-based business activities. Along with this, the product is specifically designed for beginners and provides ease of use. These features coupled with an amazing set of basic tools have increased the market demand for the product.

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3. Brother Embroidery Software

Brother Embroidery software might be last on the list but does not lag behind its previously mentioned counterparts. The product is available with a 30 day free trial to consumers after which they can upgrade to the premium version by purchasing the software. The software is compatible with Brother embroidery machines and is owned by the Brother trademark. The software allows users to create and edit already existing monograms, fonts, and objects.

All these can be performed by using the already existing designs in the software. Apart from this, Brother embroidery software is also integrated with 77 built-in borders and 77 accent designs. In addition to this, another prominent feature of the tool is the inclusion of effects on designs, changing stitching patterns, incorporation of clothing templates. Furthermore, designs can also be aligned in the system for having a better understanding of new creations.

Brother Embroidery software is embedded with 190+ built-in pre-digitized fonts. Along with this, there is another true type font auto option included in the system and enhances the performance of the product. The software is suitable for people of diverse skill levels and can be managed effortlessly. This is attributed to simple yet efficient features incorporated into the software that not only enhances its performance but are also admired by the consumers.


  • 30-day free trial
  • 190+ built-in fonts
  • Incredible premium features
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Limited free version

Brother embroidery software is an extraordinary software developed by the Brother trademark and is compatible with Brother and other embroidery machines. The software is easy to use and therefore can be managed by people of different skill levels. In addition to this, the product features 190+ built-in designs and is integrated with incredible premium features. The basic version of the product is available at a 30-day free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free embroidery software?

My Editor is the best free embroidery software followed by TrueSizer.

What is the easiest embroidery software to use?

BuzzXplore v2 is easy to use and is highly recommended for beginners.

Why is embroidery software so expensive?

The vertical software or embroidery software has a very small market and the programming cost for embroidery is very high. Therefore, the most related software is expensive in nature. However, you can find most software with a free trial.

Summing Up

There is a wide variety of free embroidery software available in the market. As embroidery software is very expensive, consumers mostly search for software that is either available at a free trial or free of cost. The article took into account the 3 best free embroidery software available in the market. Based on the above-mentioned analysis it can be concluded that Embird Embroidery Software has surpassed its counterparts in terms of features as well as the free trial it offers. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consumers.

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